About Us

Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my website.

My name is Jade Graham and I love to dance, but dancing comes at a cost, so my Dad made this website for me to help cover those costs.

Dancing when young can become quite expensive with some dance styles requiring very expensive uniforms, which are quickly grown out of. Not only clothes, but schools, competitions and travel all adds to the cost.

This website is for you to be able to buy and sell dance clothing and accessories with other dancers across the country. Give your clothes a second chance and get some money back by selling your dance clothes and accessories, and then find a bargain when buying someone elses.

I also make some dance accessories, so please have a look in the Dance Accessories section for the “by Jade” items. The profit made from my accessories and business advertisers helps Mum and Dad pay for me to go to various dance competitions around the country which I really love.

Don’t hold on to those old clothes that don’t fit or are not needed, sell them to someone that will give them a second chance at Second Dance.

Thank you, Jade xxx