Selling is easy and completely FREE, you can sell without having an account or create an account to manage and boost your listing.



Selling without an account

Desktop site - If you want to just quickly post an ad, just click on the Purple Publish your ad button button at the top right of the web page.

Mobile site - If you want to just quickly post an ad, just click on the Mobile menu button button at the top right of the page and select PUBLISH YOUR AD.


Make sure you select the correct category and sub category to ensure you get the best listing for when people are searching for your item.

Provide a Title that will catch the viewer’s eyes and again will be found with searches.

Be very informative with the description, provide all measurements and any information such as new or used, blemishes or defects etc. Easiest to be honest and accurate for an efficient sale.

Provide your Price. Make sure you only put the numeric value and don’t include the dollar sign. You can either put 150 or 150.00 for $150.00.

Upload Images:
You can upload 4 picture by dragging the pictures to the big purple box, or click on the box to open file explorer.

Listing Location:
Find your Region and closest City. Enter your phone number and type you suburb or town for the Address.

Sellers information:
Enter your name and contact email address. You have an option to display your email address on the advertisement page, otherwise it is only used for contact forms.


Click the purple PUBLISH button


THAT’S IT Now wait for a buyer. Oh and by the way, your item will be posted on the Second Dance Facebook page.



Selling with an account


If you haven’t registered for an account, click the Register link at the top of the page or in the Mobile Menu Mobile menu button

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, you can simply register by clicking on the relevent social media button.

If you don't have facebook or would prefer to not register with Facebook, it only takes a minute to register the traditional way.

If you already have a listing with the registered email address, your listing will now be connected to your account.

Update your details by clicking on My account in the top menu and then click My profile in the side menu.

Submitting a new ad is exactly the same as submitting an ad without an account, but your details are already in the system for the sellers information



Boost your Ad for more views


Want to get noticed to help sell your item quicker, then why not take advantage of the ad boost options.

You can boost you ad anytime by going to My account and clicking Boost your post in the side menu.


There a three options:

Premium will highlight in a large gold background colour and put your ad to the top of the free ads on the home page and searches. Duration for this ad is 7 days.

Move to top will bump your ad back to the top of the search list.

Highlight will put a light background to your ad to stand out more.


Payment for boosting your ad can be made by PayPal or most major credit cards via the PayPal gateway.



Once you get a buyer

The transaction between the seller and buyer is conducted by the two parties and does not involve Second Dance.



Provide your buyer an estimate for postage when dealing with the buyer. To help, Australia Post has a great Postage calculator.

You can access the calculator here



Once sold

Once your item is sold, you will need to remove it from the listing so that you don't get futher requests form buyers.

If you do not have an account, you will have an email from when you published your listing with a link to remove your ad.

If you have an account, you can simply go to My account and click Manage your listings. Once there you have the option to delete yor listing.