So you have found an item that you are interested in buying, that is great news.

Contact the seller

On the Items page there will be a Contact publisher form. Enter your name, email address and some information that may include further contact information, size requests etc..

The seller will receive an email with your information.

Depending on the item, you may want to find out more information or even viewing before purchasing.


Setup an account

By setting up an account you can then add items to a Watchlist to come back to later. You can view your Watchlist, by selecting My Account from the top menu and then select Watchlist form the side menu.

To register, you can simply login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account or Register the traditional way.

When contacting a seller, your information will be automatically filled in.


Please note that conversations and transactions are purely between the buyer and seller and does not involve Second Dance in any form regarding the transaction.