Q. My category of dance wear is not specified!

A. No problem. Please post your ad in the nearest category and then inform us and we will create a new category. Once the new category is created, we will move your item over.

Q. My area or location is not listed!

A. The area and locations is a generic list. Please inform us and we will put your area and location in the selection list.

Q. I entered a price for my item, but it has come up as FREE!!

A. This occurs if you enter the amount with the $ sign at the front. When entering a value, enter 50 or 50.00 for $50. See below on how to rectify a listing if a mistake is made.

Q. I posted an item without an account, but now I want to setup an account to manage my listings. Can I attach my original item to my new account?

A. Yes. If you create an account with the same email specified in the posted ad, it will automatically connect it to your new account for managing.

Q. I made a mistake with my post, how can I edit it without an account?

A. Simplest answer here is to create an account with the same email. You can then edit and manage your post.

Q. Will Second Dance buy my item and sell back on the site?

A. No, we don’t buy items and resell on Second Dance as a rule.